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date: d-m-Y


Roland 902/7B+LV, 2005
Ref.: 50830
Equipped with: Hybride machine, RCI, Roland Deltamatic dampening, Inktemperature control, Non-Stop feeder ( manual ), Non-Stop Rollo in delivery, All washing devices, Coater with automatic washing program, Inking rollers for both convenstional as UV inksPreset in feeder and delivery, UV interdeck dryers after unit 1 and unit 2 ( 160 watt ), UV dryer in delivery ( 3 x 160 watt ), IR/Hot-air dryer in delivery, Extended delivery, Logistic system in the delivery, Carboard device ( 1,2 MM ), Piab airsystem( without compressor ), Grafix Contronic powderspray, Double sheet control, Kersten antistatic device, Elevated 667 mm, Approx. 31 mio impressions.

Heidelberg SM102-2-P, 2008
Ref.: 51710
Equipped with: Prinect Press Center ( CP2000 ), Preset Plus feeder and delivery, Alcolor Vario, Autoplate, Double sheet control, WashStar, AirStar ( aircabinet ), Technotrans CombiStar CAN open, Ink temperature control, PowderStar AP 500 duo, StaticStarCompact, Tandem washing device, Perfecting 2/0 - 1/1, Approx. 166 mio impressions, , Max speed : 13.000 cph.

Miller TP104 S/2c+SP, 1992
Ref.: 49965
Equipped with: Unimatic C3, Baldwin refrigeration, Weko T77C powderspray, Perforating unit after the 2nd printing unit , No compressor (connected to a central air system), Approx 200 mio. impressions.

date: d-m-Y


Heidelberg SM102-4-P, 2000
Ref.: 51252
Equipped with: Alcolor dampening, Technotrans refrigeration (beta c.), Ink temperature control, CP 2000, Automatic blanket cylinders washing devices, Automatic impression cylinder washing devices, Automatic inking rollers washing devices, Auto registerDouble sheet detection, Air cooling cabinets, CleanStar, AirStar, Autoplate, Antistatic device, Inkline, Grafix powder spray, Nonstop delivery, Perfecting 2/2 - 4/0, No compressor, Approx. 210 mio impressions.

KBA Rapida 106-4 SW, 2009
Ref.: 50884
Equipped with: Varidamp dampening, Technotrans Beta.d cooling, Colortronic, Automatic blanket cylinder washing device, Automatic impression cylinder washing device, Automatic inking rollers washing device, Thin paper package (from 40 g/m2), Cooling maincabinet, Plate width 1050 mm, Kersten antistatic, SIS (Sensoric Infeed System), FAPC (Full Automatic Plate Change), ACR, Densitronic, AlcoSmart, MSP manual suctionring positioning, Kersten antistatic, Hickey remover, Weko AP 262 powder spray, Perfecting 2/2, 4/0, Approx. 125 mio impressions, , Max. sheet size 740 x 1060 mm, Min. sheet size 340 x 480 mm, In perfecting modus min. 400 x 480 mm , Plate width 1050 mm.

Komori Lithrone 440, 1997
Ref.: 48255
Equipped with: PQC, SAPC, Komori dampening, Cocking, Prepared for automatic blanket washing (cassettes are missing), IR dryer, Weko powder spray, Chromed impression and plate cylinders, Approx. 221 mio impressions, , Printing size 70 x 100 cm.

Roland 704/3B HiPrint, 2007
Ref.: 51534
Equipped with: Press Center with Telepresence, Color Pilot FM 19, All automatic washing devices, APC, PIAB air incl. compressor (new in 2014), Ink temperature control incl. heat exchanger, Technotrans cooling with Alcosmart and Digidos, Weko AP 262 powder spray, Airglide delivery, All aggregates water cooled, incl. heat exchanger, Schneider PAS powder exhauster, Approx. 105 mio impressions.

Roland 704/3B SW HiPrint, 2010
Ref.: 49546
Equipped with: Inline quality control, Press Pilot, Suction feeder table, Electro-mechanical double sheet control, APL, Roland blanket, ink roller and impression cylinder washing devices, Roland Deltamatic dampening, Selectdampening station Beta.d, Ink temperature control, Airglide high pile delivery, Sheet decurler, Grafix Cantronic HEP powder spray, Schneider powder exhauster, Air cabinet, Quick change Color, Quick change wash, Quick change air, Quick change job, Eltex antistatic, Technotrans Beta.c combi device, Opti-Print Jackets (after perfecting unit), Inline ColorPilot, Telepresence, Water cooled (without heat exchanger), Prepared for central air, Equipment for thin paper (40-60 gr.), No compressor for pneumatics, Approx. 144 mio impressions, , Max. sheet size (straight) 740 X 1040 mm, Min. sheet size (straight) 340 x 480 mm, Max. sheet size (perfecting) 720 x 1040 mm, , Max. speed straight 16.000 s/h, Max. speed perfecting 12.000 s/h.

Roland RVK3B, 1986
Ref.: 49999
Equipped with: Rolandmatic dampening, EDELMAN refrigeration, Chromed cylinders without any damages, WEKO Powder spray , Quick action clamps, Electronic controls for double sheet front and side lay detectors, Remote control for circumferential/lateral register, Counter shows 66 mio impressions.

Heidelberg XL 162-4+LX, 2009
Ref.: 51566
Equipped with: CP2000, Alcolor dampening, Inpress control, Autoplate, XL wallscreen, IR dryer, Extended delivery, Approx. 110 mio impressions.

date: d-m-Y


KBA Genius 52-5+L, 2009
Ref.: 49396
Equipped with: UV end dryer, Double sheet control, Suction cabinet, Bender, 5,2 mio impressions.

Roland 505OB+LV, 2008
Ref.: 50987
Equipped with: PPL, Automatic washing device, impression and cylinder, Automatic roller washing device, blankets and impression, CCI Color Pilot, RCI, Antistatic in feeder and delivery, Cardboard guiding device, Telepresence, Prints up to 1 mm, LCS software, Grafix powder spray, IR/TL dryer, Ink temperature control, Coater with chambered doctor blade system, Approx. 150 mio impressions, , Speed 16.000.

Heidelberg SM52-5+L Anicolor, 2010
Ref.: 51132
Equipped with: Alcolor dampening, Anicolor system , Technotrans CombiStar/CANopen refrigeration, Ink temperature control, Heidelberg Prinect Press Center CP2000, Automatic impression cylinders washing devices, Automatic blanket cylinders washing devices\Automatic inking rollers washing devices, Stream feeder, Electromechanical double sheet control , High pile delivery, Coating unit unit with chamber ductor blade system, Heidelberg Autoplate, Grafix Alphatronic 200 powderspray, 45 mio impressions•Max sheet size: 370 x 520 mm, •Min sheet size: 105 x 145 mm, •Max print size: 360 x 520 mm, •Thickness: 0,03 - 0,4 mm, •Output: 15.000 sheets per hour, , Power Consumption, •Frequency: 50 Hz, •Voltage: 400 V AC.

Heidelberg SM52-5-P-H+LX, 2004
Ref.: 51626
Equipped with: Alcolor dampening, Technotrans refrigeration, CP2000, Automatic impression cylinders washing device, Automatic blanket cylinders washing device, Automatic inking rollers washing device, Autoplate, Coating unit, Extended delivery, Approx. 55 mio impressions.

Heidelberg SM74-5-P, 1995
Ref.: 51656
Equipped with: Alcolor, Technotrans center, air cooled, Classic Center, Blanket washing device, Autoplate, Register HD, Sample sheet holder, Double sheet detection, High pile delivery, Sheet decurler, Alphatronic 200 powder spray, Approx. 115 mio impressions.

Heidelberg XL 75-5+LX C, 2011
Ref.: 51651
Equipped with: Autoplate XL, Prinect Inpress Control, Speed 18.000 sheets/hour, Prinect Press Center with Wallscreen, Preset Plus stream feeder with ramp, Double sheet detector pulling device, Ultrasonic double sheet detector, Stream control, Pile heightsensor, Dampening unit with Vario, Inking unit temperature control CombiStar, air-cooled, Automatic inking unit wash-up device, Automatic blanket cylinder wash-up device, Automatic impression cylinder wash-up device, Chamber-doctor blade system, Anilox roller, Varnish supply unit - 550 l/h, Extended delivery Preset Plus X2 with ramp, DryStar Combination, air-cooled, Powder sprayer device Weko AP 500, Antistatic device at the feeder and delivery, Dynamic sheet brakes, AirStar, air-cooled, Approx. 160 mioimpressions.

Heidelberg XL 75-5-P+LX, 2009
Ref.: 51187
Equipped with: C-format, Alcolor dampening, Technotrans Heidelberg HydroStar Beta.d, Axis control, CP2000 press center, Automatic impression cylinder washing devices, Automatic blanket cylinder washing devices, Automatic inking rollers washing devices, Heidelberg Autoplate, Heidelberg IR-dryer, Coater with doctor blade system (Tresu), Perfecting 5/0 - 1/4, Preset Plus feeder, Preset Plus delivery, PowderStar AP232, Electronic double sheet control, Cabinets are air cooled, Approx. 80 mio. impressions.

Roland 505OB+LV, 2004
Ref.: 48886
Equipped with: CCI, Cardboard device, All wash up , Rolandmatic, APL Automatic Plate Change , Chromed cylinders, The thickness of the mat. 60 g / m2 - 0.6 mm, Kersten Antistatic device, GRAFIX powder sprayer, Extended Delivery, Tresu Anilox Coater, HighPile delivery, Approx. 165 mio impressions.

Heidelberg CD102-5+L, 2011
Ref.: 51119
Equipped with: Presscenter with Axis, Autoplate, All washing devices, Preset feeder and delivery, Heidelberg IR/hot air dryer, Nonstop feeder, Pan roller coating system, Weko AP 110 powder spray, Compact antistatic in feeder and delivery, Approx. 93 mioimpressions.

KBA Rapida 105-5+LV, 2003
Ref.: 51060
Equipped with: Colortronic, X-Rite, PWVA (full automatic plate change), Elettra blanket and impression cylinder washing device, Baldwin refrigerator, Grafix IR dryer, All pumps, excluding compressor for pneumatic, Coating unit with chambered doctor bladesystem, Weko AP 230 powder spray, Extended delivery (ALV 2,6 m), CIP link, Plate bender, Approx. 75 mio impressions, , Machine can handle up to 0.8 mm cardboard because it is equipped with: - Double sheet control, - Cardboard guides with blowing air.

KBA Rapida 105-5U+L, 2006
Ref.: 50828
Equipped with: Varidamp dampening, PWVA (fully automatic plate change system), LogoTronic, Inline color control (Lithec), Extended delivery (2x), Coating unit with chambered doctor blade system (TRESU), Ink temperature control (Combiliner), Register remote control , Ultrasonic double sheet control, Grafix IR end dryer (KBA-Rapid-Dry), Pneumatic sidelay control, Automatic blanket cylinder washing devices, Automatic impression cylinder washing devices, Automatic inking rollers washing devices, TechnotransSolvent-Center, Approx. 138 mio impressions, , Max paper size: 720 x 1050, Max printing size: 710 x 1030, Max. speed 15.000 s/h.

Roland 705/3B+LV Direct Drive, 2010
Ref.: 49547
Equipped with: Inline ColorPilot, Press Pilot, Suction feeder table, Electro-mechanical double sheet control, APL, Plate cylinder Roland Directdrive, Roland blanket, ink roller and impression cylinder washing devices, Roland Deltamatic dampening, Selectdampening station Beta.d, Delivery extension 1.828 mm, Eltosch IR/TL end dryer, Airglide high pile delivery, Sheet decurler, Grafix Cantronic HEP powder spray, Schneider powder exhauster, Air cabinet, Quick change Color, Quick change wash, Quick change airQuick change job, Quick change coating, Telepresence, Eltex antistatic, Technotrans Beta.c eco combi device, Coater with chambered doctor blade system (2x Anilox roller), Water cooled (without heat exchanger), Prepared for central air, No compressor forpneumatics, Approx. 165 mio impressions, , Max. sheet size 740 x 1040 mm, Min. sheet size 340 x 480 mm, , Max. speed 16.000 s/h.

Roland 705/3B+LV HiPrint, 2011
Ref.: 51347
Equipped with: Roland dampening with Delta effect, Quickchange Color Smart, Roland Airglide high pile delivery, PressPilot, LCS, Quick change job, Coater with chambered doctor blade system, Anilox roller 13 cm3/m2, 80 lines/cm, Roland Select dryer, IR /hot air, Cantronic HEP powder spray, Quick change air, APL, Technotrans Beta.c ink and dampening cooling, Impression cylinder washing device, Machine water cooled, Inline ColorPilot, IntegrationPilot Plus, Carton device, Approx. 100 mio impressions, , Sheet size max. 740 x 1040 mm, Sheetsize min. 340 x 480 mm, Plate size 785 x 1030 mm, Blanket size 910 x 1060 mm, Max. speed 16.000 s/h.

date: d-m-Y


KBA Rapida 105U-6+LV, 2002
Ref.: 51647
Equipped with: Colortronic, Densitronic, CX , PWVA, Nonstop feeder and delivery, Machine is elevated, Kersten antistatic, Coater with Tresu chambered doctor blade system , Weko AP260 powder spray, Technotrans Beta.v, Technotrans Beta.c, Weko PAS (powderexhauster), Ink temperature control, Becker air cabinet, Eltosch hot air and IR dryer, All washing devices (Elettra), Approx. 140 mio impressions.

KBA Varimat VL77, 1993
Ref.: 51027
Equipped with: KBA Varidamp dampening system, Technotrans refrigeration, (Currently the machine runs alcohol-free), IR/Hot-air dryers (Eltosch), Varicontrol register-system, Automatic blanket cylinders washing device (Baldwin) , Coating unit with an extended delivery, Non-stop feeder, Non-stop delivery, Weko Ionomat c powderspray, Approx. 300 mio impressions (approx. 73.000 working hours), , The machine is in use a straight 6-colour machine (original perfecting device has been changed into a normal straight system).

Heidelberg MOSPH, 1988
Ref.: 49998
Equipped with: CPC 1-02, Alcolor dampening, Royse refrigeration, ESS IR dryer, Weko powder spray, High pile delivery, Perfecting 2/4 - 6/0, Approx. 93,5 mio impressions, , Size 19 x 25.

Heidelberg SM74-6-P-H, 2001
Ref.: 51586
Equipped with: AirStar, air cooled, CP 2000, Autoplate, Pile board feeder with ramp, CombiStar, air cooled, Technotrans AlcoSmart, Grafix Alphatronic 200 powder spray, DryStar 2000, air cooled, Chromium plated plate and impression cylinder, Nonstop delivery, Perfecting 6/0 - 2/4, Approx. 83 mio impressions.

Heidelberg CD102-6+L, 2011
Ref.: 48163
Equipped with: Prinect press center, Preset Plus feeder, StaticStar Compact, Ultrasonic sensor double sheet control, Electronic double sheet control, Electro-mechanical pull lay control, Electronic side lay control, Suction belt feeder, Slow down systemAlcolor Vario dampening, CombiStar CanOpen, Technotrans ink temperature control and AlcoSmart, Venturi air transfer system, Ink roller washing device, Blanket washing device, Impression cylinder washing device, Varnishing unit with chambered doctor bladesystem and 13 cm Anilox roller, DryStar IR / AT coating dryer, Preset delivery, High pile delivery, Weko PowderStar AP 232, AirStar, ScrollStar (Atlas Copco compressor), Approx. 80 mio impressions, , Installed in February 2012.

Heidelberg CD102-6+LX, 1999
Ref.: 51488
Equipment:, Alcolor dampening, Technotrans refrigeration, Ink temperature control, CP2000, Automatic impression cylinders washing device (brush), Automatic blanket cylinders washing device (brush), Automatic inking rollers washing device (brush), Autoplate (semi automatic), Heidelberg IR dryer (ComCon), Air cooled, Non-stop delivery (excluding board), Extended delivery, Coating unit with roller system, Grafix Exatronic Duo Plus powder spray, Approx. 220 mio impressions.

Heidelberg CD102-6+LYLX, 1995
Ref.: 46560
Equipped with: CP-Tronic, CPC1-04, Alcolor, Autoplate, Grafix Exactomat powder spray, 40 cm raised, Non-stop feeder and delivery, Blanket- and roller wash device, Atlas Copco compressor, Air cabinet, Technotrans refrigeration, Technotrans ink temperaturecontrol, Grafix UV dryer in delivery, Grafix IR dryer in delivery, Grafix IR dryer between 2 coaters, Grafix hot air interdeck dryers ( between unit 6 and coater 1, between coater 1 and IR unit, between IR unit and coater 2 ), No logistic system , Platebender, Approx. 392 mio impressions.

KBA Rapida 105-6+LTTLV, 2000
Ref.: 50101
Equipped with: CX version (up to 1,2 mm), Colortronic, ALV 2 (2.600 mm), Raised 375 mm, Central size adjustment, Full automatic Nonstop in feeder, Non-stop in delivery, Elettra washing devices ( blanket and rollers ), SAPC, Cocking, Baldwin refrigerationKersten antistatic device, ACR control, Weko AP230 powder spray device, Two coating towers with Anilox ( total 5 Anilox rollers ), Ink temperature control with Baldwin cooling combination, Logistic system in feeder and delivery (Krifft & Zipsner), Eltosch IR/TL interdeck dryer, Eltosch IR/TL end dryer, Automatic ink fill system is not included, 2 sets of spare rollers will be supplied with the machine, Approx. 310 mio impressions.

Roland 706/3B+LV, 1993
Ref.: 48261
Equipped with: RCI, CCI, PPL, Rolandmatic dampening, Grafix powder spray, IR dryer, Continuous delivery, Approx. 260 mio impressions.

date: d-m-Y


Heidelberg SM74-8-P-H, 1999
Ref.: 51631
Equipped with: Alcolor, Classic Center, Auto register, Technotrans, Autoplate, High pile delivery, Air dryer, AirStar Pro, air cooled, Register HD, Plate cylinder chromium-plated, Double sheet control , Pull lay control, 2 neutralizer blowers in the feeder, Ionizer in the delivery, Blanket washing device, Alphatronic 200, Approx. 198 mio impressions.

Heidelberg XL 105-8-P, 2009
Ref.: 51134
Equipped with: Inpress control, Prinect Press Center, Wall screen, Alcolor Vario, Ultra Sonic double sheet control, Autoplate Advanced, All washing devices, Non-stop feeder and delivery, Technotrans refrigeration, InkStar Direct, Technotrans Combistar, Ink temperature control, CleanStar Plus (powder exhauster), Airstar (aircabinet), Scrollstar (compressor), Weko AP500 Duo powder spray, InstantGate press venter, Perfecting 4/4, Approx. 235 mio impressions, , Max. paper size 750 x 1050 mm, Min. paper size340 x 480 mm, Max. plate size 811 x 1055 mm, Paper thickness 0,03 - 1,0 mm, Max. printing speed 15.000 s/h.

Roland 708/3B+LTLV, 1995
Ref.: 50219
Equipped with: UV Coater and UV Dryer, PPL Plate Loading, Alcolor Dampening, Air Compressor , Approx. 201 mio impressions, , UV Configuration:-, Includes 2 x UV Interdeck Drying lamps, Hot Air Knifes in Intermediate Dryer, Hot air kinifes in Extended Delivery, IR Dryer x 2 in Intermediate Dryer, 3 x IR in Extended delivery, 3 x UV Lamps end of press drying , Eltosch drying systems.

Heidelberg XL 162-8-P, 2008
Ref.: 50083
Equipped with: Prinect press center, Alcolor, Wallscreen, Perfecting 8/0 - 4/4, Prinect INPRESS control, Prinect prepress Interface, Preset plus feeder, Preset Plus delivery, Autoplate XL, Impression - and blanketwash device, Airtransfer, Watercooled, 70mio. impressions, , Max papersize : 1210 x 1620, paperthicknes : 0.06 - 0.8 mm, Max. speed : 12.000 cph.

date: d-m-Y

Offset Miscellaneous

Mabeg reel sheeter RS 145, 2007
Ref.: 50774
Standard equipped.

Orion 85, 2008
Ref.: 46840
Equipped with: Vertical oven for plates heat, Reliable and robust, Easy to use, Programmable timer, Perfect insulation, Grate to reduce heat losses when opening the oven, Rapid cooling of the oven after use, Thermal regulator, Temperature: 230 ° C, Veryfast: up to five plates at a time (model 85).

Technotrans BCP 306R, 1999
Ref.: 45124
Equipped with: Ink pump system, 4 pumps.

date: d-m-Y


Heidelberg Topaz scanner, 1998
Ref.: 43333
Topaz scanner.

Image control, 2001
Ref.: 44096
Image control.

Image control, 2008
Ref.: 51422

Ref.: 51784
Grapho Metronic, Serie: 3S 3117, Type: FM19-2D, Age: 2008.

Plate scanner,
Ref.: 50914
Plate scanner, Creo , Renaissance, RS-76.

date: d-m-Y


CTP system, 2005
Ref.: 50846
Model: Creo Lotem 800 II Quantum, Equipped with: Loader: Loading Casette Trolley, Imagesetter: Lotem 800 II Quantum, Number of laser heads 1x, Processor: Kodak Polychrome, Model, Mercury V6 (2005), Unloader: Kodak plate stacker (2003), Technical details:Max. size, 795x1050mm, Resolution, 2.400 dpi, Approx. 657.000.

Heidelberg computer to plate system, model Suprasetter, 2007
Ref.: 51617
Model Suprasetter A74, Including Raptor Pro 8 T.

date: d-m-Y

Pile turners

Ascon 700,
Ref.: 51491
Pallet turner, Standard equipped.

Krift Zipsner pile turner, 2005
Ref.: 50001
Type E200 RL/RO/MZ, Standard equipped, Semi automatic, Air blower, Vibration device, Automatic pallet feeding, , Max. loading capacity 1200 kg, Max. length 1.060 mm, Max. width 740 mm, Minimum height 1.800 mm.

Perfecta PT 10, 2003
Ref.: 50829
Pile turner, Sheet size max: 800 x 1200 mm, Pile height max: 1300 mm, Loading Capacity: 1000 kg, Aeriation, Vibration.

date: d-m-Y

Numbering and perforating

Numbering + Perforating unit,
Ref.: 40655
Numbering + Perforating unit.

date: d-m-Y


Heidelberg Cutstar, 2002
Ref.: 44035
Equipped with: CutStart/27, Bielomatic, , Size 102.

date: d-m-Y


Ref.: 49972
Papershells for a CD102-6 machine.

date: d-m-Y


Anilox rollers,
Ref.: 51538
Aniloxrollers for RAP105.

Ref.: 51539
Set of Bottcher ink rollers for RAP105.